Mask Up!

Seton Hill employees, students and campus guests will be required to wear masks as recommended by the CDC and Pennsylvania Department of Health.

What masks are ok?

  • Cloth or fabric masks are recommended in order to conserve surgical and N95 masks for healthcare workers.

  • Face shields are not a replacement for masks. They are only to be used in approved classroom settings.

  • Valve masks must not be used as they allow the user to expel respiratory droplets in a concentrated fashion.

  • All fabric masks must be washed after each use and should not be used when damp or wet.

  • Instructions for making fabric masks can be found at

When to wear a mask?

  • Students and employees must wear the masks while on campus, except while eating or drinking but must maintain physical distance while eating and drinking.

  • Students and employees are required to wear masks while on premises in public areas such as hallways and restrooms. This includes outdoor spaces when social distancing can not be achieved.

  • If an employee is working alone in a private office, they may remove the mask. Students may also remove masks in their residence hall rooms if they are in the presence of their roommate only. If others are present, all must wear masks.

Can I remove my mask outdoors?

  • Students and employees who can maintain six feet of distance from others outdoors may remove their mask but must be prepared to wear it if that distance cannot be maintained.

  • Residential roommates are permitted to share circles on Sullivan and McKenna lawns without wearing masks.