Recurring Appointments

Recurring Appointments allow you to reserve the same day and time for testing. This will save you time by only having to schedule once and provides convenience for reserving the same time slot every week.


Navigate to the 'COVID Testing Schedule' page and Select 'COVID Testing Appointments'


Select an available appointment time and click 'Recurring...'


After selecting the time for your recurring appointment, click the 'Repeat' dropdown box. Determine at which intervals you need to be tested.

Determine how many recurring appointments you would like to schedule.

Select 'Add Recurring Times'


The times of your recurring appointments will be displayed, Select 'Continue'


Enter your personal information and complete the 'COVID 19 Pre-Test Evaluation Form'


Be sure to include your Student Identification Number

This 6 Digit code can be found on your Student ID or in your my.shu account under 'My Account'


When all of your information is entered, Select 'Complete Appointment'


You will be directed to an 'Appointment Confirmation'

When adding recurring appointments, it is suggested you add them to your Google Calendar