Masking-What to Do now?

Who must wear a mask?

  • Unvaccinated students, staff, faculty and visitors to campus instructional spaces.

  • Students, staff and visitors of the Child Development Center.

  • Patients and staff in the Health Services offices and testing areas.

  • Patients, staff and visitors to the Center for Orthodontics.

  • NOTE: Any individual who is having symptoms should wear a mask, report their symptoms and continue masking until receiving test results and further instruction.

When to wear a mask?

  • Any individual, regardless of vaccination status, who is having symptoms of Covid-19.

  • Faculty and work study supervisors can require masking of students - regardless of vaccination status - in any instructional space or shared work environment.

  • Anyone in attendance at a campus performance, gathering, meeting, etc of 50 or more individuals.

  • Anyone who feels more comfortable wearing a mask may choose to do so - please be respectful of individual choices!