After careful review of multiple options, Seton Hill has partnered with SaferMe to assist in our contact tracing efforts. The SaferMe service has both mobile app and web-based features available.

The SaferMe app uses bluetooth to track other individuals with whom you have been in close contact. In the event one of your close contacts tests positive for Covid-19, Health Services will use this contact tracing information to notify you of exposure and the need to quarantine.

  • SaferMe uses Bluetooth technology to beacon between phones and stores distance and time using an innocuous ID.

  • Distance and time are stored but ONLY when a contact is made.

  • The app information is used by Health Services and our contact tracing team as a supplement to manual contact tracing efforts.

More info about contact tracing via SaferMe

Contact tracing is a key tool in preventing the spread of the COVID virus. The ability to quickly identify Seton Hill community members who were potentially exposed is an essential way to keep our students, faculty, and staff healthy. Seton Hill is employing contact tracing technology to help with the difficult task. We understand that privacy is of the utmost importance to us all. In order to allow the flexibility of maintaining that privacy without losing the key functionality of speed during our contract tracing, we have purchased software to keep all contact tracing data in the hands of our Seton Hill Health Services staff. This data will show our trained Seton Hill contract tracers, ids of users who were in contact with a positive COVID case.

  • The SaferMe app is downloadable in the Apple and Google app stores.

  • The app uses Bluetooth technology to beacon between phones and stores distance and time. It only tracks interactions between devices using the app.

  • Data is stored using an innocuous ID.

  • Distance and time are stored as we will only contact users who were within 6 feet proximity for over 15 minutes. It does not record where or when that contact happened, but rather than the contact has happened. Communication will be made with anyone who had contact with the positive individual dating back to 48 hours prior to symptoms starting.

  • Data is ONLY stored when a contact is made.

  • GPS is also used as a supplement for bluetooth contacts.

  • ONLY SHU Health Services and the contact tracing team have access to the data.

  • Contact data is maintained for 42 days before it is completely deleted from our system. The 42 day period was chosen because it is considered how long the virus can be stored in the body, giving the ability to best assess exposure. Users can also purge their data at any time.

This app will be used in conjunction with manual self checks AND contact tracing.

For detailed installation instructions please see SaferMe Installation

Information about the Daily Wellness Check.

For a deeper dive into the contact tracing process, please see this resource.

SaferMe Frequently Asked Questions